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Çok güzel


Bien !


Ameiiii o pouzinho

2 Words:

Absolutely Amazing

It’s so fun!!!!!!!

I play the game so much


I bought this stupid game and it’s not worth a crap..... GIVE ME A REFUND!!!!

Best game ever

It is so cool

So bad and no dawoinloded please


The screen resolution

Everything is great but the screen is blurry...except for pou which i find it weird I played pou on android before and it worked perfectly fine but on the iphone x the screen isnt the best...

That’s a coach Lisa, run!

Instead of no more space or you lose or all that stuff, change it to that’s a coach Lisa

It’s amazing

Pou is a fun entertaining game I love the game mode where you can play other fun games but reSkinned it with pou

Best way for coins

Free fall gamemode rate helpful so others can see


I love this game so much and I think the funnest mini game (it might just be me) is pou falls and not a rip off of my boo! all those haters think it is, but this is not, and it’s a lot more fun than my boo

Great game! But theres an issue.

Pou is a really entertaining game but can you guys please update it to be compatible with the iPhone X?

Love the game!

I love this game but it looks a little blurry and bootlegged on iPhone 7 Update please!

#mostcuteandfunestgameever! 🙂

I love this game.it is soooo cute and funny. It is simply the perfect game to play when you are bored or even in a bad mood. It is sure the app that brightens up your day. There are so any goals you can achieve in the game to a tea and you would be proud of yourself.


I honestly didn’t think they still had this up and still even updated it, I used to play this game all the time around 5-6 years ago, when ever I first got Minecraft. I’m gonna get it back and try it out 😃 (I’m going to edit the stars later, it’s just I haven’t played it yet so 😆)


Nuff said

This is game is so addictive!

I played this game when I was really young, And I still play it now! Awesome game It’s really cute❤️ Thanks for making this game!

I got this game when it was free

I think I remember when I was 6 I got this game for free

Make it compatible with Apple Watch

Great app but I’ll like to be able to play with my Pou on my Apple Watch

Add feet to the pou add hands and arms to the pou

Add things to pou like arms and legs and hands

Some ideas 💡

Can you add more funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! Also if you could ... add something like the ocean? For your Information I love love love love and love ❤️ Pou .I think 🤔 this game is fun Love 💗 It

Great game but I can’t play!

I think this game is great. But the only problem I have with it is that every time I play a game on it it’s like someone else is playing and I can’t control my Pou. Did this happen to any one else?

You should make the closet things free


Love it but it crashes often

Love this app but for the price it always crashes

Why does it cost money?

I had this on an android phone and it was all free! I mean I bought this game I just don’t understand! I will rate 5 stars on this if you guys can make it free in the future! Thank you for your time! 😐

Love the game but....

Where is the big update that was post to happen it’s been a long time now

Singled out countries

I love this game and when i was playing I saw that I could put my flag on my Pou so I’m searching and I realized that my flag isn’t in any of the sections which I don’t think is fair🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷


My reason why I LOVE this game because.....It is like taking care of a baby

It's cutee❤️

I love pou!

Kinda boring

I think you guys should update this it is stupid half of these games you play together you have to be in the same room and I would like if you guys would add more games and clothes and food


Always keeps kids entertained actually fun to play 😂

Wow this is not for kids

This is not for kid because the title an the thing ok so first the game is called pou (poo) and the thing u get is poop wow is there going to be another game called pee because the thing is a poop from someone and that gross eww I wish it's not 4+ because even there is killing in this game in the car game poo and his food die if u go to fast and u wash the poo it's not for kids it's for no age this game should not had been crated

Pretty fun

Actually a really fun game to play when bored. I remember first buying this and just buying it for the meme but it’s actually Pretty fun and brings back a lot of nostalgia. It’s .99 so why not buy it and have fun taking care of your virtual pou


Extremely versatile and fun!

I love Pou!

Been playing this for ever and it never gets old (:

This Game is Awesome!

I like games! Games are cool!Pou is awesome!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀




so... when is this “BIG UPDATE” coming? how long has it been? like 2 years? i seriously liked this game so much and i guess y'all gave up on it

Great game for kids and adults!

I don’t usually give five stars but I’m giving this one five. First, it’s super fun. Kids and adults will love this simple little game. Then along with that it has loads and loads of mini games which are super fun. Next, it’s not necessary to pay money to have fun and get cool accessories like in most games on the App Store. Highly recommend this cute little game!




I have been playing Pou since 2013 and I love it! So many activities that you can do and if it’s day in real life it’s day in the game! I love this game because it’s awesome and It should be famous

I love it so much by Jonathan jones

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I love this app the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because I can’t get the app to let me listen to my music while I use the app. 😭


This app changed my life. I used to be on a long road of squirrel addiction. I had so many of them. Once I got this game I no longer had time to collect them. Now all the extra squirrels I have I just eat for their jerky meat. Maybe some day I’ll go back to collecting.....


Why is this on top paid when i got it for free

Love it

I love this game. You should play this and put 5 stars.And I love my pow lol play it people yes make more games like this plz


This game has been so much fun!! A lot more fun than that boo game anyways I was thinking and I was wondering if they could add pajamas. Anyways great game!🤩💗❤️💜🧡🧡💛💚💙💓💗💖💞💝

Do not make pou fart while eating

This little boy was disgusted and confused on how pou made a fart sounds when he ate.Please fix this so this little boy will stop being so annoying

Something that used to happen

I love pou I really do. But, something weird happened when I was playing pou. One time I was playing pou on my iPad ( I’m on my iPhone). I had pou’s following me/ Friending me, had a few coins, etc. Then I put my pou to sleep cause she was very tired so, I let her sleep while I went to another game I had. I came back to check on pou. And It showed pou but, it wasn’t my pou! It was a baby one ( mine was an adult). It was the new player pou thing and it showed the welcome massage. I eventually got my pou back. Was this a bug or something?

Amazing! But I have a few suggestions 😊

I love the app! I’ve been playing for years and I can sure say it’s definitely a quality app . However I do have a few suggestions so here I go... 1.more mini games that interact with friends! 2.more mini games in general ! 3. Being able to give friends gifts, I think that would be great! 4.to interact with friends (within reasoning ) Thank you so much for listening to my ideas! I hope you may consider them!

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