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Awn ❤️

Muito fofis


Clayton juan João Junior Alexandre o grande northon siflis inefistofeles


Muito bom!





Good game

This game is amassing theres a lot of patensile for this game

Free finally!!!

yay this app is now free to download yay!!!!

Restarted and no response

I had a really good character and a lot of money and one day I got on and it completely restarted! I even wrote them a complain but they didnt fix it or even respond.

Mo more, mo problems

I like this game! It was recommended by my friend but why are the outfits so expensive?

What happened?

Used to be great but I switched phones now I cant recover my pou without a mystery update that never drops.

its super sweet!! my little bros love playing it. its fun and creative

FUN but...

Love the game but when I was playing suddenly my pou went down to level one

Needs fixing

It says u can play other Pou on beach volley online but it wont let me and my friend play together Bluetooth didnt work either please fix its a great game and maybe you can add more stuff and games to buy and play




The microphone doesnt work in iphone 6 also it doesnt let me add my email :(

Very Bad Graphic

Very Bad Graphic on my iPhone 6S plus :( I hope this will be fix

Very Bad

Very bad graphic, please repair it. iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3.2


Graphic on ip5C się good. Glad to see pou for free

Bad Graphic

On iPhone SE


Good graphics on iphone 4

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